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War of the Burning Sky
March 19-20
The party heads to Pitchburg to convince them to melt the river to slow Steppengard's troops. Father ALbert, the town leader, agrees, but only if the party is able to talk to the pitchlings, small fey creatures that live in the Pitchwood. The party heads into the Pitchwood and through cunning and skill defeats the pitchlings in 2 of 3 games (Pitchballl, capture the scale mail, and a trivia contest). The pitchlings agree to harry Steppengard's force, and Father Albert agrees to pitch the river.

March 21
The party rather easily convinces Lord Dashgoban to send 3000 troops to the aid of Lord Gallo.

March 22-23
The party scales the Glaskeel Cliffs, a half-mile wall, that nearly sees Kelstuv hurled to his doom. At the top, they talk to Lady Timor, but their extinguishing of the Fire Forest makes her reluctant to help them without more solid proof than a single, uncooperative Ragesian soldier. They have no other proof, and they are forced to leave her lands without securing her aid.

March 24
The party returns to Duke Gallo and tells him of their diplomatic missions. He explains his battle plans and asks for their help in establishing an offensive before the battle begins. He asks how the party can help, and the party decides that their energy would be best spent going after Kelkin Thravanvost, Steppengard's war-mage. They decide to leave the next night to make their assault.
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