The Plant
I was in a secret place the group discovered when suddenly a huge plant rooted in it's place bit Princess Sarah and wouldn't let go. Everyone started attacking the huge beast as soon as it snapped up Princess Sarah, but when I tried to throw my shuriken, I tripped and fell into the water, and I ripped my shirt and bruised my elbow! But luckily the group had the plant completely occupied. It was a good thing the barbarian Tor and the ranger Strum were there because Tor pulled Princess Sarah out of the plant with no effort at all. Then the goblin from a nearby encampment rushed over and fired his crossbow at us, but he missed, Princess Sarah was lying on the floor unconcious, but when she finally got back up, she asked the goblin why he had a giant plant monster for a pet, but the goblin didn't know how to speak common that well. All that was clear that he was very fond of the plant, so we stopped attacking it. Then the goblin healed it with some blue goo. After that the only one in the party who knew how to speak goblin, Tor, questioned the goblin, and the whole group got lots of information.
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