Squeak had a narrow escape
Yesterday I was at the keep just standing in the tavern, when suddenly Squeak popped up out of nowhere and was being chased by Elrien's pet panther Smoke! He was in such a hurry to get away he knocked over Captain Agmar in the process! He ran until he got to me and then he crawled straight up my pantleg and then up my shirt until his head popped out of the neck. Smoke looked at me like he was gonna eat me, but he hesitated. Then Squeak explained that he stole all of Smoke's food because he was starving. Then he tried to give me some! But unfortunetly, Smoke took the food from Squeak before he was able to give me the food. I honestly don't know if that rat is ever going to learn to stop getting himself in trouble so much.
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Tags: funny , Smoke , Squeak