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War of the Burning Sky
Catching up before 1/12
March 5-9
The party travels by sleigh to Bresk. Along the way, a sleigh accident leaves Balan unconscious. The party encounters King Steppengard's Talons assaulting a woman and her halfling friends. The party intervenes, rescuing the woman. The party uses Balan's papers to get through the gates of Bresk.

March 10-13
The party gathers information on the power players in Dassen politics. They use this information to help them make a case for an alliance between Dassen and Seaquen, but only after they see Jinis (the representative of Lord Gallo, and the man to whom they are delivering a message for his son) arrested. The King and his advisor, a gnome named Nina Glibglammer, refuse the party's petition. There is some posturing between the party and the Ragesian ambassador. The party avoids assassination by staying away from their inn, but Balan is later killed by an assassin. After a brief mishap with Kelstuv's boar, the party flees Bresk and heads north to Gallo's Fend.

March 14-18
The party's journey north is hampered slightly by some pursuing Dassen soldiers, but the soldiers turn back to Bresk when the party eludes them. At Gallo's Fend, the party meets Duke Gallo, and agree to check out the situation at one of his watch posts along the Ragesian border which hasn't done its daily report. Upon investigating, the party steals a wyvern and two Ragesians before heading back to Duke Gallo.
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