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The Star Child
This adventure began on the moon Jae Tallona, a mining colony. It is outside Federal authority and is mostly run by the mining consortium. This makes it a perfect spot for raiders and pirates to come and sell their goods and hire new crews. Baleeze is very familiar with it.

The crew were on the way back to the Ring after delivering some cargo. A young girl, her parents, and 2 obvious undercover agents were also on the train. The train was attacked by black-ops agents, who appeared to be after the girl. Thew crew fought off the black-ops goons, who retreated. The undercover agents and the girls mother were killed in the attack, and the girl managed to slip away. Yume was able to sense that the girl was a very powerful psyker.

Afterwords, at the hospital, the girl's father hired the crew to find her and take her to a medical facility on Osiris. The girl appears to be both a pre-cog, an electrokinetic, and a psi-null who can cancel out other psyker powers.

During the search for the girl the crew discovered:

The black-ops team is mostly likely Blue Sun.
A deep cover Blue Sun operative known as the Specter is after the girl. The Specter is rumored to be invisible, walk through walls, and kill people with his touch.
The girl, named Shalani, came in on the ship the Rainbow Sun. This ship was plagued with electronics problems all during its journey, that stopped once they reached Jae Tallona.

The captain of the Rainbow Sun was killed when his hovercar exploded the day after the ship docked. A close friend of the captains was arrested for the crime and was found hung in his cell the next day.

The crew has gained access to the Rainbow Sun and suspects that Shalani is hiding there, as the electronic problems have returned.

The crew was attacked by the Blue Sun agents and the Specter outside the Rainbow Sun. The Specter is a powerful psyker himself, appearing to be able to teleport. He wears a stealth battle suit that renders him hard to see and carries a very powerful plasma pistol.
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