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Online casino bonuses
A casino bonus is the amount that an online casino credits to your account. Do not confuse with a loan, no, this is not a loan, this is a gift from a casino, you do not need to give it back. If you completely lost it, there is nothing to worry about, you DO NOT NEED to return the money.

There are many different types of bonuses as shown on https://thebestcanadiancasinos.com/, no deposit bonuses for the first deposit: fixed and percentage, monthly, Refer-a-Friend, for special types of deposit, but they all have one thing in common - they are given for a reason. You can get money, but for this you have to fulfill certain conditions. Be sure to read the conditions for bonuses, if you cannot find them on the casino website, ask a question to the casino support service, otherwise you may be disappointed!

Standard conditions require the player to place bets for a certain amount in order to receive a bonus or win. This amount is called wager - the amount of bets (wagering amount) and is usually defined as a certain amount of the value of the bonus, deposit or bonus plus the deposit.
For example: you received a bonus of $ 10 from the casino, according to the conditions you must make bets in the casino in the amount of $ 100, i.e. $ 10 x10 = $ 100. Naturally, the fewer bets a player needs to make, the better, that is, the less the amount of wagering. In addition to the standard conditions for the amount of the withdrawn amount, you can meet other conditions, as many casinos will not count your bets in the wagering amount if you have made bets on roulette, baccarat, craps. The fact is that these games allow the player to make practically risk-free bets, for example, on red and black at the same time. Recently, casinos have increasingly banned the wagering of blackjack and video poker bonuses or have set higher wagering requirements for these games. Bets are credited to the wagering amount if you played only in slot machines. Anyway before how to take a bonus read the rules for bonuses on the casino website Terms and Conditions. If you unknowingly received a bonus automatically at the first deposit, then in order to refuse it, do not make any bets, but immediately go to the casino support and ask to withdraw the bonus from your account. If you have already made at least one bet in any game in the casino, the bonus will not be removed from you and you will have to wager it completely.

No deposits required

bonus As the name suggests, a player can claim the bonus without making any deposits! Yes, you can just get $ 5-25. All bonuses received at the casino must be wagered. What does it mean? Bonus wagering requirements may vary depending on the casino. Some casinos require to wager the received bonus amount in X10, X30 and even X99 times the amount. Some casinos require winnings to be withdrawn above a certain level. To receive a bonus, you need to send a letter, fill out a form on the website or enter a coupon number in the software, and even just register a gaming account in a casino, after which the coveted money will appear on your account (depending on the type of casino).
There are also bonuses that are given to you for a certain time, say for one hour. Unfortunately, they are not entirely deposit-free. These are the so-called "1 free hour" bonuses - you download the software, get money, say $ 1500 for a temporary special account, play for one hour. After that, everything that you won in excess of the amount given to you is transferred to your real, game account in the casino, as a bonus. But the amount of your winnings from this hour of the game should not exceed $ 200 and will be transferred to your account only after you have made a minimum deposit of $ 20-50. That is, in fact, it turns out that you can earn a $ 200 bonus on and as a result you are playing for $ 220. Of course, before you can withdraw all your winnings, you still need to wager it 30x times. Generally,

First deposit bonus (fixed)

Almost all casinos offer a bonus for the first and subsequent deposits. There are two main types of bonuses: fixed and percentage. The amount of the fixed bonus is usually strictly indicated in the conditions, as well as the amount of the minimum deposit that must be made to receive the bonus. The size of the bonus usually ranges from $ 20 to $ 200, as well as the size of the deposit. The bonus can be equal to the deposit, slightly more or slightly less than the deposit, but in a not very large range. Percentage bonuses are usually expressed as a percentage of the deposit. The most frequently offered conditions are 10-25% of the deposit amount up to $ 300. Such bonuses are good if you have enough funds for a large deposit, otherwise you will not be able to receive a significant amount. Normal wagering requirements. It is necessary to place bets from X30 to X50 times the size, although there are deviations. Some casinos charge the bonus automatically at the time of the deposit, others require filling out a form on the site or entering a coupon number, read the conditions on the casino sites!
Different casinos have different conditions for withdrawing money until the conditions for wagering the bonus are met. Some casinos allow you to withdraw the amount of the deposit until the wagering requirements are met, others do not allow any withdrawal of money, others allow you to withdraw the amount minus the bonus amount, in the fourth you can withdraw part of the bonus in proportion to the bets made. After fulfilling the conditions, you will be able to withdraw money in full unless, of course, this is a "sticky" bonus.
Be careful about sticky bonuses. According to the terms, you cannot withdraw such a bonus even after fulfilling the wagering requirements. That is, you can get money in excess of the deposit only if you really win!

Monthly bonus

Some casinos offer first deposit bonuses every month! That is, in fact, you receive a fixed bonus every month. The conditions for receiving a bonus are usually the same as for first deposit bonuses. Bonuses are usually provided automatically after your first deposit in a new month.

Comp points

"comp-points from complimentary points" , they are also "loyalty points"- these are additional points that are awarded to the player for the bets made by him. Having collected a certain amount of points, they can be converted into money. The usual amount of comp-points accrued is 0.1% of the value of the bets made, however, sometimes they can charge even more, depending on the casino's chances in a particular game. Almost all casinos have comp points, it is convenient to see the value of your bets using them, but they do not bring a lot of profit. In some casinos it is possible to convert comp points into money for any amount, in some they require you to earn a certain minimum level. You can view your accumulated comp points in the casino in the "Casher", "Bank" or "Cassa" section .

Prizes, sweepstakes, gifts, tournaments

Tournaments ", Draws "the draw, a raffle, the lottery" , prizes of "prize" , gifts "free gifts" - this is an additional opportunity to get something, playing at online casinos.
Tournaments - you usually pay a certain fee ($ 10- $ 25), get a certain amount (for example, $ 1000), and the one who after a while wins more gets a prize (a round sum of money). It is clear that you cannot cash out that same thousand, this is only tournament money. But if successful, the prize will be considerable, up to $ 1000.
Many casinos offer different types of raffles. The most common conditions are: you make a certain deposit of $ 10- $ 100, play a certain game, for example, slots and get into the drawing of several sums of money. Another option is to just be a casino player, fill out the form and wait for the winnings. The chances of winning are not very high, but if you still play at this casino, then why not take part.
Prizes are usually given to the best players, for example, the best player of the day, that is, the one who wins the most or makes the most bets. There may be more options, read the letters coming to you from the casino.
Some casinos offer free gifts, some trifle to anyone, for example, a gambling magazine. Others offer to make a deposit for a certain amount and then they will send a present, usually more significant. It is clear that there is a greater chance of getting a gift from large players.

Bonus. Invite a friend to the casino.

This type of bonus is probably the "most delicious" one because you get money for your friends. More friends, more money.
In the original, this bonus is called "Refer-a-friend" , which can be translated as "recommend a friend".If you know a person who also does not mind playing in the casino, then you can send him an invitation to the casino and receive a cash bonus to your gaming account. To do this, the casino in which you play, you must indicate your friend's e-mail. A friend will receive a letter from the casino with an invitation, if he uses this invitation, registers at the casino, makes a minimum deposit, then you, as the one who recommended him, will receive a small bonus of $ 15- $ 50. There are little or no wagering requirements for this bonus. Many casinos offer this type of bonus.

Bonuses for special types of deposits

Many casinos now offer many different deposit methods. Some offer extra money for using one of these methods. Apparently, alternative payment methods for casinos are cheaper than credit cards, so they encourage customers to use them. The amount of the bonus on such deposits is usually defined as a small percentage of the deposit (about 10-20%), but in some casinos you can receive a bonus for every deposit! The amount of wagering for such bonuses is different, it can be small, and maybe even outrageous, read the rules on the casino website.
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