Official Corrspondence
Filfaeril Selazair Obarskyr,
Queen of the Kingdom of Cormyr
Grandmother to King Azoun V, the rightful heir,
& Her daughter, the Royal Regent,
Princess Alusair Nacacia Obarskyr,

To His Eminence,
Lord Matasuuri Nagahide,
Shogun of the Empire of Wa:

The favor of the Celestial Bureaucracy be upon thee.
We beseech thee to grant a favor on account of the peaceful standing of our two nations.
Several decades ago, in Wa Year 1756, Ambassador Yunoko, our emissary to thy great empire and, moreover, a daughter of Hirayama Tsuki, daughter of Hirayama Taiyo of Iiso, was slain, murdered while on assignment. Her murder was never solved, as your records will confirm.
Bearing this letter are seven persons who have been chosen by our gods to find new evidence pertaining to Yunoko’s death. We shall not explain the matter here, because of its sensitivity, but we trust that this new evidence will be of great interest to the shogunate, as it pertains to the imperial line of Wa. These seven persons we now send to thee, as a token of good favor and as official representatives of the Kingdom of Cormyr in respect to this matter. We humbly request, first, that thou hearest their discovery, and, second, being convinced of its importance to both of our nations, that thou grantest them permission to investigate the matter further upon your soil until the matter be resolved to thine and our satisfaction.
Perhaps, thou wilst see in this plea and this information a benefit to renewed trade between our two great peoples.

Filfaeril Selazair Obarskyr

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