How I date a beautiful girl
How to Physically Flirt with a Guy You Like

If you are attracted to a man from, but you don’t want to come directly and tell him about it, you can send him a signal using only non-verbal signals. Smiling, playing with hair, and maintaining contact with your eyes are all great ways to flirt without touching a man physically. If you want to demonstrate your affection by touching, try to sit next to him and to begin to lightly touch his hand or wrist.

Arouse his interest “by accident.”

A planned touch can pass as an accident if you beat everything correctly, and this is a great way to flirt if you are nervous. Try to touch the person’s hand slightly when you reach for something or put your foot next to his. You can also hurt his knees if you are just chilling at the same table or next to him. Jogging side by side is an easy way to touch another person’s hand or wrist.
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