Finding New Friends in Aynbury
Mr. Ivy. I hope you’re well.

We were able to clear Bastet Raw’s name. To give you a quick summation, an enemy of hers lied about her to get her into trouble. We convinced this woman to withdraw the charges.

In other news. We are going to bust a drug kingpin in Aynbury. His name is Dimede Tobias. HE is a nobleman in the city. He has hired us to recover an artifact that allegedly is pre great war. So while using that as a front, I found evidence that he is using his fruit trade to smuggle drugs.

I believe that a man named Dimitrio is behind the theft of the artifact. I believe that there was some feud between Tobias and Dimitrio, and he hired a performer to steal the artifact from his house. Jaxson is supposed to gather some information on who we can turn this evidence into.

I hope to be able to wrap all of this up in another day or so.
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