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War of the Burning Sky
From 10/7
March 1-3
The party travels back through the swamp, arriving at Vidor, the town from which they bough their boats a few weeks earlier. This time, they find the town changed. The refugees have moved closer to the town center, and armed guards patrol the periphery.

Some questioning of the locals finds that three people have been brutally killed in the last week, and the town leaders are debating about what to do. Varis and Kelstuv search for tracks from the killers, and Varis finds the tracks of a troll. Meanwhile, Tybalt talks to a half-elf named Aregal who claims that in his dreams, he was in contact with Khadral who gave him the ability to breathe fire. Recognizing the pressing need of the party, Aregal gives them his horses and sleighs in return for the party's rowboats.

Heskan finally reverts to his own mind, and he is able to use his magic map to trace out a path to the trolls' lair--in a pyramid similar to the one where the party recaptured the attercop spiders. There is some debate about what to do next, and Balan refuses to be party to anything that delays his mission to Bresk. Outvoted by the party, Balan waits in Vidor, while the party goes troll hunting.

In two fierce battles, the party kills a number of trolls, but not before the trolls slay Tybalt. The rest of the party flees.

March 4
The party returns to Vidor.
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