Meeting Mother
I'm not sure why The Mother took the form of Yvor's mother to speak with us. Perhaps she is the most "motherly", perhaps she is the freshest in our memories, perhaps it was a capricious whim. But I am glad it was her. Or at least, I am desperately glad it wasn't mine.

Even so, the interaction left me feeling a little drained and overwhelmed despite the hearty breakfast and the well wishes. And also... we had been warned, multiple times, by a hearty variety of sources that our path would leave us much changed. And I had taken that to mean that our meeting with Her would change us. Certainly Padhraig was specifically told that he would likely regret gaining the permission to see Her.

But no, it all seemed so... normal? So honest and mundane. The moon I carry feels heavier because of what She did, but I myself don't feel heavier, or changed.

And now, standing back in the real world, I mostly feel like I am waiting for the second shoe to drop.
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