We Are All Heroes
Rara and Diogenes sat across from each other with a small campfire in between. An occasional pop or hiss from the fire would accompany the loud rumbling of the bug bear’s empty stomach. Bound and gagged, they did their best to ignore him. His reflective eyes glowed a deep orange from the crackling flames. Rara dipped her hardtack into the hot water, trying to soften up the horrid meal. Diogenes did the same. She offered him some of her jerky, but he declined. A gust of wind pelted them both with blowing snow, they cinched their traveling cloaks even tighter. “Getting colder,” mumbled Rara. “Yep,” countered Diogenes.

In the distance several soft “whoomps” were just audible, definitely not thunder. The sky in the direction that Valindra and Solera had headed a while ago now had a reddish glow.

“I guess that’s that,” said Rara turning her head from the sky back to Diogenes and then letting her gaze settle on their prisoner. “Yep,” responded Diogenes.
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Sorry to leave you out of the action. Love the post
Sorry to leave you out of the action. Love the post
This is great