Clarity in Pain
Solera was engulfed in flames. The pain was so excruciating, she did not even realize that she was releasing a blood-curdling scream.

She could see Ainorei’s burned and crumpled body between the waving tongues of fires and there was nothing she could do for her.

She could not see Valindra and could only hope she escaped the burning hell she herself was in. It was at that moment, at the edge of possible death, that her feelings for Valindra clarified. This was not passing fancy. What she felt was love for the druid elf. Thinking about her love for Valindra did not rid her of the pain, but it gave her the strength to fight through it.

She vowed to herself if, no when, she survived this, she would tell Valindra of her feelings. Although she was thought the feeling was mutual, she was not sure. But Solera did know that either way, she needed to tell her.
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Great post, Julie. Perhaps the two elves should take a watch together to discuss things. Love the new profile picture as well.
Yes, really nice post. I like how you connect the near-death-experience to the relationship with Valindra. I also like the new profile picture!