I’ve Got My Eye on You
The fireballs were devastating. Rara kept her back flat against the wall. If another attack came her way, she didn’t know if she would survive. They discovered that the sorcerer was encased in some sort of anti-magic shield but normal weapons could pierce it. She wish there was something she could do. An idea started to form in her little head. She stole a quick glance out the window, trying to estimate the number of paces across the courtyard. Hasted and knowing she could outrun everyone else, her best estimate was that she could cover the distance in one shot. One other thought flitted across her mind, “Does anyone have an invisibility spell? Potion? Scroll?” An assertive round of “No’s,” was her answer.

A split second later, “I have a ring!” It was Blair. She sprinted across the open porch archway, putting her life at risk. “Thank you,” Rara sputtered, “You’ll get this back.”

"By a hairless gnolls balls! What is he doing?!" Rara’s eyes tracked Diogenes as he sprinted across the courtyard, making a bee-line for the Orb.

Valindra makes a run for it, just an instant before Rara. They make it across the yard, around the lifeless body of the summoned purple worm, into the two story house. Valindra pauses in the front room while Rara breaks for the stairs. Although invisible, she stops suddenly on the mid-floor platform. Sucking in her breath, Caliban the Mad is right in front of her. He brushes past her on the way down, just making contact. At the bottom of the stairs, the mad sorcerer cast a wall of fire, attempting to block off anyone else from entering the house. Rara hears screams rising above the crackling flames. Solera and Ainorei, both caught in the raging fire. Valindra makes the difficult decision of attacking Caliban instead of rushing to her love. Heated by anger or rage, she lets the crazed sorcerer have it!

With a thud, Ainorei’s lifeless body collapses to the floor. Consumed by her own rage, Rara swings at Caliban with all she’s got. Death has come for the madman as well. The flames disperse, so do the magics creating the illusion of wealth and opulence, leaving just a plain round tower room.

A celebratory Diogenes holds the orb aloft, to show the gathering crew, but his smile quickly disappears as he seesAinorei’s smoldering body being carried across the yard. Blair rushes over, a heated discussion takes place, a plan is formed, she will attempt to restore life to Ainorei’s breathless body.

They solemnly make their way to the river. Aboard their little “Shrimpkin” Blair prepares for the next day’s ritual. A fretful Rara needs to keep her hands busy. With bits of metal, she constructs a necklace. At the end of it dangles an open eye with an inset diamond. She softly and carefully raises Ainorei’s head and places the charm around her neck. Wiping a tear, Rara mutters quietly, “May the Gods watch upon you. And if they don’t, I pledge to you, I will.”
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By a hairless gnome's balls, this is a really nice recap! You capture the chaos and desperation really well.
Great post