The camaraderie is unmistakable. For even the most casual observer, the threads weaving the six of us together are both strong and intricate. We eat together, sleep together, pray together, play together, and fight together. We heal one another, we risk life and limb for one another, and we cling to one another for warmth against the cruel, unrelenting winter. There is little we have not shared.

Of late though, a stronger weave has formed between the elves. Whereas before, time was fairly equally shared among the six of us, Valindra and Solera have recently been found paired off with increasing frequency. It seems only natural that two elves would have an affinity for each other in general, but an intimacy beyond lineage has evolved, and both, usually reticent creatures, are often caught smiling, heads bent toward one another. In the pain and chaos characterizing our existence, I cannot help but rejoice in the hope that whatever is burgeoning between them, will flourish and endure as the long winter and violent upheaval persists.
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Awwww. I like that Ainorei sees hop in them.
Awwww. I like that Ainorei sees hope in them.
Awwww. I like that Ainorei sees hope in them.
What a touching post. Great job.