From the Journal of Blair Weala, Priestess of Gwydion

[To my surprise and delight, I uncovered these spells most serendipitously. Having been entrusted with the rare volume attributed to the War Priestess Blair, I had devoted several arduous weeks of study to the delicate pages. These recordings outlined the many famous journeys and battles of Winter’s Bane, revealing several previously forgotten details of the exploits of that commendable band of warriors. I confess one night my studies ran late and my candle became extinguished before I had made preparations for sleep. Therefore I set the journal aside and took to bed in my dayclothes. A touch of damp on my windowsill caused the leatherbound edges of this ancient tome to fray, revealing a tiny compartment wherein these notes were scribed. Reader you may know that the olde war priestesses of Gwydion, enacting much trickery in the recording of their spells, often interchanged or excluded one or two words in written form, telling only their trusted apprentices which words had been omitted or transposed. Therefore, have you any magic in your veins, use caution when speaking these spells aloud, and I hope you may avoid any untoward products of your utterances. Although I am sure some will deride me for my flagrant lack of caution in the protection of the integrity of this tender book, I hope your delight at reading these previously unknown simple incantations may allow your forgiveness of myself, a humble scholar.]

Thicket of Steel
Beware the arm of priestess strong, if
Too close mine enemy comes
This battle will not linger long, for
Your heart will no longer drum.

Seeds of Doubt
How sure doth feel your arm today?
Will blows hit air in this melee?
Miss me once and you should know
My power grows with every blow.

Nightmare Surge
Power pulsing in fourfold strength
My sword increases to twice its length
Dismembers, slashes, tears and rents
Like four fighters’ weapons upon you spent.

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I think two of those spells are arcane spells that can only be used by magic users.
We straightened it out, b ut really cool work nonetheless! I love the spell poems.