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Deadly Quests
45th Session Summary
7th of Mirtul

Roslyn introduced Thorn to the group and reveled her secret. That she was one of the Lythari. A race of lupine elves that could change form. Thorn then led the group back safely to Almorel over the next 13 days.

20th of Mirtul

Arriving in Almorel, the group spent the next 3 months training. Xzar stays in Almorel where he befriends a group of wizards at the great school of Denir. Here he also learned about the history of the once great Raumathar empire. Roslyn spent her time with Thorn. They were teleported to the Gulthmere forest where she learned more about Eliastree and the usage of the menhir circles. Jarna traveled to Citadel Rashemar.

20th of Eleasias

Xzar having recieved a message from his parents is summoned back to his homeland of Ra-Khati. The fellowship is able to purchase magical transport via a teleportation circle to the city of Dhaztanar in Semphar where they find it to be a nation under siege. The Tuigan have started their invsaion and most of the citizens have already fled to the south leaving behind thousands of soldiers that are garrisoned here. Unable to obtain a meeting with Caliph Abu Bakr and confused about where to go, the group spends a night with one of the army platoons camping on the streets of Dhaztanar.

21st of Eleasias

Deciding to follow the Silk Road south, they begin the journey to Ra-Khati.

Session: Chapter 8 : Into Ra-Khati - Sunday, Jan 06 2019 from 6:00 PM to 10:00 PM
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