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Genet Fouts
Posted in Lankhmar
Barabis's Body
Valen, Bartender at the Lucky Copper, has a task for us. He offers us free drinks if we make a delivery for him

Lady Gelks has offered her “time” to Valen if he can close up shop and join her. Valen asks us to deliver a cart for him so this time is freed up. The cart has something in it that needs to be taken out the Marsh Gate, to a muddy meadow, and buried. Sob peeks into the cart so see that it appears as though there is a corpse dressed in blood stained linens. It is a male who had his throat cut and organs removed. Sob recognizes the body. It is Barabis, Margon’s acolyte.

Margon is visibly shaken and takes the cart to her temple instead of the Marsh Gate. This is a double insult to the faith: Barabis is dead and his body has been stripped of its organs. Strangely, the body appears to have been well fed and clean (other than the blood and missing organs).

We to Gilk’s place and hear her and Valen through the door. We knock on the door and convince Gilks to leave. Before she does, she tells Genet that someone has been trying to recruit the members of the whores guild to attend a party and to wear party masks. She doesn’t know when or where the party will take place, but she will get back to Genet when she finds more information.

Genet, Flossin, and Refe escort Valen to Margon’s temple. Valen seems ignorant as to the cause of death of Barabis. Valen says we need to seek out Finris for any information on the body. Sob Riquet has heard of Finris. There is a bar, the Royal Harvest, on the edge of the noble district and in that bar there is a “fixer” known as Finris. Valen apologizes and begs our understanding. He was only the middleman.

At the Royal Harvest we learn that Finris hangs out at the Genteel Gentile. At the Genteel Gentile, Genet flushes Finris out. Finris runs out the back where Flossin and Margon capture him. We take him to Vaniks’ burned out home. After interrogation, Flossin tells us that he got Barabis’s body from a middle aged, well to do fat man with big gold earing at the Royal Harvest. The man with the earrings has a tall, ugly, man-servant with reddish hair -he looks like a northerner. He gives Finris regular business. Finris doesn’t know why Barabis’s was missing its organs.
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