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Genet Fouts
Posted in Lankhmar
Genet’s appearance continues to go down hill. His hair is growing all over and his body reaks. We decide to ask Rafe if he would guide us to the sorcerers guild so that we may ask them for help lifting the curse. Refe tells us that Tabika Faye is the best sorcerer to lift the curse. He then tosses out some flowers into the street. Genet picks them up with the intention of giving them to Tabika. The rest of the group asks around and learns that Tabika Faye has a shop on the border on the slums.

Tabika tells us that she is the one who cast the curse. She did so at the behest of Varla Codsbellow was she walks around Genet, admiring her work. She asks Genet if, in addition to the hair, smell, and deformed appearance, if he is also impotent. Genet asks if she will lift the curse, but Tabika will not lift the curse until Varla tells her to do so. She gave Varla a “token” that must be used to lift the curse.

Tyla goes to Varla’s to ask if Varla has seen him recently. Tyla explains that Genet has fallen on hard times and is in great need. Would Tyla please meet with Genet? Varla is reluctant as she is now seeing someone. She also seems unaware of anything that may have happened to Genet. After some back and forth she agrees to meet Genet discreetly.

Ricky finds out that the carriage of Ustov Cordovna has been stopping by Varla’s for visits. Could Cordovna be having an affair with Varla? The group stakes out Varla’s house and waits to see what happens. Meanwhile Genet walks up to Varla’s back door to try and speak with her. She feels sorry for Genet and says she will meet him at Tabbicas in the morning to ask her to lift the curse. Later that night, Cordovna’s carriage stops by Varla’s, and a man (not the barron) gets out and speaks with Varla. The man looks like surprised as though he was supposed to pick her up and she refused.

Varla meets us at Tabika’s shop early in the morning. The beautiful Tabika arrives soon after complaining about getting up so early. She is happy to remove the curse, but cannot do so unless she has the green glass bead she gave to Varla. Varla says she gave the bead to a red haired lad. The group reaches out to their contacts to try to identify the red haired beggar. We eventually learn that the red haired beggar, Lan, fled last night to the slums. He was afraid someone was after him so he left to find safety.

We find lan holed up in a shack in the slums of Lankhmar. Flossin knocks on the door and asks to buy the green marble. Lan, speaking through the door, asks for ten rilks plus one extra rilk for each of his ten friends. Flossin refuses and grows to twelve feet in height and breaks down the door. Genet whips up a crowd of locals, in the spirit of the Crimson Vale, to stop the ruffians in the shack. Tyla convinces Lan and the ruffians that they are outnumbered and it would be in everyone’s interest if they gave up the marble. Lan’s friends leave him and he gladly accepts two rilks for the marble.

Tabika breaks the marble and lifts the curse. The curse will take a day or so to fully dissipate. After a full recovery, Genet stops by Tabikas and offers to help her determine if all of the side effects of the curse have been lifted -out of scholarly interest.. She kindly refuses the offer.

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