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Verbobonc Dark
The Plundered Tomb
Day 6...continued
Approx 2pm Daytime
The group decides to retrieve the mighty Ragnar.
Macross and Baldomero sneak back to the camp to bring him back.
As they come to the pyramid they are attacked by two guards at the entrance.

Enter the Pyramid
Find several secret doors.
A waterway is discovered under the pyramid.
A smashed sarcophagus.
The group spends several hours searching through the tomb and finally come up to a group of worshipers.
Orlen sneaks up the burning fire and places his hand inside the flames.
He disappears.
Macross, who is observing this, struggles to keep his jaw off the floor.
Session: Episode 29 - Wednesday, Mar 20 2019 from 9:00 PM to 12:00 AM
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