As I lay waiting
As, I lay here waiting to heal from my latest wounds, I am reminded of how things have changed. The thief has become Macross, the viper. Yes Ming, it is time I used his given name. After risking his own life with the cursed dagger to slay the werebeast, I must admit my debt to his courage and ingenuity. He has proven a valuable friend and colleague.

Yes! Yes! Yes! The monk has shown himself to be more than a tool to protect our hide. It was he that held the beast back with only a jo stick… locking the stick around its neck and holding its man-eating jaws at bay as it lay on top of me. It is monk and Bartholomew no more. He is Baldomero, sacred fist of Cuthbert.

How I wish I possessed their courage—their ability to inspire. I am in their debt.
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