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The Iron Circle
Slip sliding away.......
The pushed deeper into the caves beneath Vor Rukoth. Before long, they were in narrow tunnels barely wide enough for two abreast. They were moving fast, trying to keep up with Eravor, but they tried to stay together for those without darkvision. They felt a gust of wind that was uncharacteristic for tunnels this deep. Then again. Then it was on them. A MASSIVE Lurker decended upon them before they could react. They attempted to damage it from the inside and out. Little worked until Drag'Os found it's T spot. He tickled it until to spit them out. Then he tickled it some more, causing it to fart and sniff it which was more than it could bare. It decided to leave these nasty monsters to their own devices.

Then it was into the underground river. The party was sliding along rapidly, struggling to avoid underwater curves and boulders. They got separated but eventually found their way back to each other just before careening down a large underground waterfall and group feather falling to a waiting Eravor.

Once again above ground, the smell of brimstone was pervasive. They approached the Ruby Court grounds cautiously and inserted wax into their ears to protect against the wailing spirit. They investigated the area and found their way into the guard station before they were found out. The Banshee wailed and things went sideways. Vick was on the ground choking out when he was suddenly released from the full body convulsion. Zevron had asked the Banshee how could he help.

Now things were about to get interesting.
Session: Game Session 1903: Into the Ruby Court Part 2 - Friday, Dec 21 2018 from 6:30 PM to 10:00 PM
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