Brave Friends
Ming, I must say, I am humbled by Chiz charging forward battle axe in hand and grim determination on his face, the awe-inspiring bravery of Baldomero standing unarmed and attacking creatures with his bare hands, and Macross running across the battlefield delivering killing blows with saber and dagger. Even the Elf and human show little fear as they represent their gods on the field of battle. I am envious of all their courage. I was not blessed with such determination.

Of course, I could never share this envy with them, nor can I even speak their true names, lest they think they are equivalent. Our lot-- the lot of magic can be a lonely place.

I am afraid Ming, I can never be Killkennard, but as it is said:
“The wise man plays the coward, and a smart man the coward with brave friends.”
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