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DM Angelo
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Verbobonc Dark
Death by Bearhug
Fireseek 20
The group exists the Wizard Guardian room carrying The Moose' body.
An elf falls through the cairn entrance.
Enter <insert name> the elf.

The group finds another secret door under the 2nd throne.
They head to the "Thief Guardian" room.
They battle a black sheet monster.

The group rests for 8 hours in the main chamber.

They find another secret room.
The "Cleric Guardian" Room
All hell breaks loose as Gaznak is killed by a bear rug that turns out to be a monster.

More magic is found in the room.
Some good / Some bad.
Session: Episode 14 - Wednesday, Oct 10 2018 from 6:00 PM to 10:00 PM
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