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Verbobonc Dark
The Valley of the Kings and the fall of The Moose
Fireseek 19

The adventurers solve the riddle to enter the cairn.
"I Command you in the name of the King"

They enter the cairn which is 30 feet below down a shaft which opens into a 40-foot room of the four kings.

The Moose decides to take some armor from one of the kings.

Macross finds a secret passage under one of the throwns by pushing on the throne.

It opens to a passage below carved out of solid stone.

The passage narrows into a 3 x 3-foot crawlspace with a small door.

One the door is inscribed "The Wizard Guardian"

Orlen triggers a trap and fries everyone.

They open the door.

Enter into a room that looks like a study (Bookshelf with scrolls and volumes, potions, desk, closet).

Out of the closet bursts and abomination. He attacks without warning.

The Moose is killed and Orlen/Macross are wounded severely.

Orlen saves everyone and destroys the creature with the wand he finds on the table.

Session: Episode 13 - Wednesday, Oct 03 2018 from 6:00 PM to 10:00 PM
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