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Verbobonc Dark
The flute that plays no more....
Fireseek 17

En route to Dagger Alley, the group scales down the fortified wall of Verbobonc.

They steer clear of the walls patrols and head down a known trail that circles the outer city. Two bonfires flank the southern gates guarded by a platoon of drunken soldiers, so they stay clear and avoid detection.

A giant appears before them. The group drops into cover. But, the Moose cannot resist charging in, protecting everyone. He meets the club of the beast head on and is knocked 20 feet, unconscious.
One by one the players fall.
Macross is knocked down.
Orlen is down.
Jethro is nearly decapitated.
In desperation, Baldomero flees to lure the beast away.

Baldomero makes it back to The Player's Inn.
Siga of the North joins him to rescue the fellow Brass Rings.

Meanwhile, Ming applies an Orc salve to Orlen to bring him consciousness, saving his life.
Orlen is able to rummage through packs and apply salves to Macross and Moose.

Siga and Baldomero make it back.

They return to the Players Inn to lick their wounds.

6 days later...

Fireseek 22

They decide to travel north through the city hiding their weapons in a wheelbarrow filled with manure.
They run into some street ruffians and put them in their place.
Macross takes the high road, sparing their lives, with a small bag of silver.

Session: Episode 10 - Wednesday, Sep 12 2018 from 6:00 PM to 10:00 PM
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