Bad Blood
It took some doing, but we managed to magically stuff Fearmonger into containment in my ring, temporarily. I was glad to be able to transfer him into a steel chime ball, though -- carrying him around on my finger wasn't comfortable at all.

It did, however, lead to a discovery -- he's apparently drawn to Affrighter, and we can use his "pull" to find Scaryface when the time is right.

On the downside-- we arranged to meet with Blade, to try to plan a way for him to "escort" his brother off planet so they could have their high-powered brawl where no one would get hurt. Seems he's not so concerned with that, he just wants to get to the brawl part as soon as possible. He graciously agreed to try to keep the damage contained to "just" about one-quarter of the world, including the part where our government is. I don't care much for our government, but even so, it wouldn't be a good thing to have it completely gone. Along with the rest of the East coast.

To him, the cost seems minimal. To us, it's unacceptable. But he's not willing to negotiate, and I think he expected us to knuckle under to his superior superiority. Too bad for him we're not great at that. Also, a good thing the "compass" is hidden at home, and not in the base or on my person...

In the end, a fight between us and Blade was only averted by the arrival of Amos, and us fleeing the scene. NOt sure what we're going to do next. Blade knows we have a way to point him right to Affrighter, and he is spoiling for a fight. We can't let them fight here on Earth but he doesn't care. not sure how we're going to pull this one off.....

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