The Reenactors.....The Singing.....The Redcoats and Colonials.....And The "Oreo" Twins
Project X's missing mother...Masquerade is going to perform a ritual to find her... She is no where on the planet..

We get a call over our comms which web ghost patched it through...There is a call from a police officer from New York stating that they are being attacked by a super villain.

We take the jet to Westchester and find smoke coming from some of the buildings. There is people dressed in reenacting a historical wars... there are firing muskets at police.

ChillMaster, Ironclad, and myself wait outside as the rest of task go inside city hall...I fire an explosive arrow at a large group and they were quick to dodge but still 6 of them fall.

ChillMaster fires a ice slope dropping 6 prone as he lands amongst them and grows, spraying ice all around.

Ironclad fires a barriage of missles dropping 6 more soldiers...Now we have their attention as they turn and start firing at us..
They start stabbing at ChillMaster with bayonets with glowing runes.

5 of them aim at me, 2 hit me but it does nothing...Ironclad got hit hard.

I fired another explosive arrow at the 5 that shot at me, dropping 4 of them. ChillMaster drops 5 of the ones stabbing at him. Ironclad fires at the last one near ChillMaster and others dropping some more.

Project X tells us over comms that the villain found what he was looking for and he's on the second floor in an office...Ironclad clears out the 4 of the "soldiers" that were outside. I take my Arcycle to the window and fire a super-alloy arrow, hitting him, but it stops at his jacket... He looks dingy, not at all the way he has been portrayed or seen in the past. He pulls his hand out of the wall and the windows that exact moment there' that singing??... yes it is... he presses the object to his chest and it gets absorbed into him...He changes...less dingy... still needs a shave, but less dingy.

Project X flew up and tried to grab the item in his chest, ripping off his coat and shirt...that thing is in his skin... ChillMaster snares him and yells for us to hit him hard...NOW..Ironclad flies in and team attacks him ... hitting him...sending him flying out the window... Stardust and I team up hitting him hard.. We fire again hitting him hard for a second time...

He flies over to ChillMaster, says something to him and a rainbow light sprays out all around us........WHERE AM I????

I am on my back...My boot is wet...and there's a man standing above me wearing a blue coat...I can hear that song again...."Are you alright?" He askes....yeah I am...I convince him that I am with the General and I am with a special unit...I tell him the general wants them to hold the line and keep fighting..

After the stranger runs up giving orders to the men, I hide in plain sight till I figure out what the hell is going on.....

I see 2 people walking the battlefield that are tethered together by a chain... I fire an explosive arrow at them...The explosion goes off but the 2 come charging out of the cloud towards me... I hide while they grab a stone from the ground and hurl it towards me. I fire a super-alloy at the chain connecting the 2 of them, but it shatters on impact... Suddenly a barriage of missles flies over head into the 2, but they walked right through it...They jumped up really high...slamming down amid Ironclad and I....SHIT....

I fire a cloud arrow at the ground and move away...but the 2 chage at me and swing... both miss... Ironclad, Masquerade, and I team attack hitting one hard...Ironclad and Masquerade hit the same one again...

The 2 jump into the air and hit Masquerade, but do no damage... We team attack again...dropping the 2 of them but their injures start to heal quickly... Masquerade saps their stamina to slow down their healing... I guess they are like the battle brothers from our world...

Ironclad sends them flying away from the battlefield and Masquerade summons darkness so we can make into the woods....


Its Chillmaster... Our comms are up...Its July 3rd, 2017...???????
What the hell??

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