Prayers to St. Cuthbert
Oh Saint Cuthbert, your loyal servant abases himself in humility! Why me, oh merciful and just beyond comprehension Saint Cuthbert!

The mud. The painful ambush by at least a dozen dark servants of evil chaos with two giant armored skeletons. The dark mausoleum with the stench of death. The zombies killed our horses and servant and drank our beer, leaving me with nothing but a single flask of strong liquor. They are cruel and evil without shame and beyond redemption.

Save us Saint Cuthbert I beseech you! I am tasked with keeping, "NO reverse, only forward charge Kelkennard the Paladin," alive while the wizard Meneleus says, "The Bird Did it!" Benny is starting to make more sense than the wizard. I am in the cuckoo's nest!

My academic appointment is slipping away as I speak and I think some of these cuts are going to leave scars. All I wanted to do was save the Duchy. Now, I hope that we'll make it home at all.
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