The Dragon....The Witch....And The Tech
Project X calls over comms saying there is a dragon at the opera...opera?? really??.. The team heads over to the theater as I jump on the bike and head there myself..

Holy Shit!! It is a dragon.. I have to decide if I'm helping the people out of the theater or attempt to help with the dragon...

I head in through the "door" ChillMaster made in the wall...theres a young girl here fighting too...She looks like a witch...Project X has a hold on the dragon but its thrashing about. I fire some arrows into some exposed areas in the scales. The witch started looking at the trap door where the dragon was coming out of and after a couple of minutes she did something and the dragon disappeared......

Why did I day dream about the theater again?..

I think its time for bed......

We meet up at HQ in the morning, we need to check out the Kessler building, and the woman that died there.

There was a buzz at public door...its the Witch from a few months ago.. She had a comm unit just like ours..she described the man that gave it to her along with our address and it was Solo...I checked it out and there is nothing out of the ordinary with it...but Solo??? why???

We go down to meet with her and she is just as curious about the delivery as we are.

We got a call from Det. Wilcox about gun fire at a warehouse...the Kessler building..we make our way there to find machineguns mounted on spider legs, 6 of them to be exact...

I fire and EMP arrow knocking out 3 of them...Project X flies up and bashes one... Ironclad fires her Plasma cannon but misses. Stardust hits one with her staff destroying one as the new girl blasts one with magic blowing the last one up.

Project X looked through the floor and saw Solo and his 3 "ladies".

Stardust takes down Solo Quickly and I fire an EMP at the ladies dropping 2 of them...Project X and the new girl fly in and swings but miss the last girl. Ironclad comes down and fires missles at the last one blowing her up.

We turn Solo in to the police and we check the place out...we find blueprints for some buildings in the city that have vaults in the basements... but the weird thing is, the vaults are for money and he doesn't steal money... Something doesn't seem right...something's off.

We head back to HQ and regroup...Now to look into the life of Karen Ross...She find out she was hired by Kessler to work on enhanced connections between tech and people..but the paper that got her the job was on video game theory and application on real world warfare..

Kessler had a gov weapons we look further into it, there is some evidence that she was going to take the tech she developed at Kessler to Mars Tech and to someone called Claris Farebridge... She was an actress who died years ago.. she was married to a man, Sylar Farebridge that programmed computers to interface with humans. He clashed with Corax back in the day. Farebridge was trying to help Ross get out of the company with the tech intact. I think the accident was the way out safely...No one would be looking for a dead woman...

Project X looked into the grave and saw a trash bag of human remains. The flowers on the grave look like they are changed at least once a month... I fired a sensor arrow near the grave to be able to see and hear when someone replaces the flowers. ChillMaster found out it is the Sherwood Florist and they have a standing order with them.

The rest of the team head to the florist as I hide behind some of the graves waiting for someone to show..

Suddenly I get hit by... was that Pulse??.. SON OF A BITCH!!
I fire a blast arrow at him...missing him slightly. I hid in plain sight and he took off towards the city. Project X and Ironclad show up but he was long gone.. I looked around the area but nothing seems off. I took the data from the sensor arrow and head back towards the HQ.

We got an emergency call from Century City medical about an attack at the wing where Phero was being kept.

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