"Death Awaits"
Aimorel’s last diary entry:

One of the last things we hear before succumbing to the need for rest is “Death Awaits.” I believe it to be true. As we settle in for shifts, Tor works his magic with a healing spell, but I know it’s not going to be enough this time. I’m so tired, and with the tablet this close within reach, I know whatever’s coming is something we may not survive. I try to catch Tor’s eye, but he refuses. I know what I’ll see there, and much to my delight, there is still compassion flitting about within him. He assures me I’ll be just fine and that I am a fine fighter, joking that Zuul himself would quake at the sight of me and my bow. He sighs and moves away.

I wish I knew how to speak with people. I would tell Meena that I think she’s a beautiful shark. More beautiful than most people, even when her teeth fall out and she looks a little crazed. That I trust her more than I do most people, even though she might accidentally eat me.

I would tell Mirilda that I am in awe of her strength, and that vulnerability is not always necessarily weakness. I’d tell her not to be ashamed when she cries. Just to prove it, I’d go ahead and cry while I was telling her.

I’d thank Leon again, and again, and again for using his precious wish to bring me back that time. I feel certain that I won’t make it out of this tomb, that I’ll never walk with dew in my hair again, or run my fingers through the coppery fur of a fox, but I drew many more precious breaths because of him. I learned more. Felt more.

I don’t think I would have to say a word to Boudica. I think it would be better to sit together in the grass and face the sun, late in the afternoon, when the light is soft and warm on our faces. Well, maybe I would tell her that boobs aren’t everything, but mostly we would sit quietly in the orange glow, appreciating light.

Maybe one day, some day, I would tell them about my lost love, and why I was alone in Yroc’s Harbor when they found me. Why I thought alone was better.

I’m not sorry I’m here. I know I’m not walking out of here, but I’m still not sorry. If even one of us does, then there’s a good chance that means the tablet has been destroyed, and many, many more saved than dead. I can live—or I guess die—with that.

My friends have to destroy the tablet and get out of this stinking, hateful place. I can rest easy knowing that's done. I'll fight until I can't. That's what they would all do. Maybe one of them will take care of my wolf...

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Wow, April, this is really poignant. It totally choked me up, and that doesn't happen often. It's a fitting tribute to Aimorel. I will miss her.
I love it. Also: I would never eat you, darlin'... maybe some of the others, but not you...
Beautiful post.