All that Exists
Tor has grown unduly comfortable with his new patron, Zuul. He has grown unnervingly comfortable with darkness. Not very long ago, he plotted to reverse the curse that had made Meena a wereshark. Though the rest of us, including Meena herself, were content with her transformation, he sought to restore her to a version of herself he believed to be… safer. Though I disagreed with his motivation then, I understood why he felt thus motivated. His growing smug countenance and disdain for Father Dietfried are in stark contrast to the admirable traits of the friend we’ve respected and depended upon. He mocks Boudica’s newfound devotion to Pelor—her devotion to light. Light. If there is anything to believe in, it is that. It is, after all, life.

Tor must be dealt with, and swiftly. While cynicism in the face of unrelenting atrocity is natural, left unchecked, it morphs into disregard, and then worse, violence. Boudica, that chesty reveler, may be our only hope. I fear that the more time elapses before finding the tablet, the more likely it becomes that Tor will decide we should not find it after all. Boudica believes that Pelor will guide her to the tablet, and that’s fine. But more importantly, the power she derives from Pelor may be all that prevents Tor from becoming another force from which we must protect not only ourselves, but countless others. Darkness, in and of itself, does not exist. Light exists. We must do all we can to support Boudica as she develops her relationship with light, so that she can at least counter Tor, if not restore him.
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Chesty reveler describes Boudica quite well! Perhaps her breasts will help to restore Tor, as you say at the end. I like this post a lot. The tension within the party seems to be growing. I fear we may have underestimated the seductive power of the evil beneath the barrow mounds.
And I thought Meena inspired the most conflict... I wonder where this is gonna go?