Testimony of Diminishment
True Believers!

I say this in great haste, as our mission to find the slavers drags on. I have come to some understanding about this great blessed sword, while its once unending powers seems limitless, I see them now begin to falter. And it bases not on keeping the beast sated.

As we pondered how to retrieve the fair armor, sword, and crystal shard buried deeply in the jelly, I was consumed with a desire above others, forgive me Cuthbert, to acquire said armor, in hopes it could replace my own, squarely lost to the poison pit.

At great risk to Meneleus, I sent him out to fetch what I could not. Peril was with him and he nearly perished hooking the suit. And once I had to on my person, Holy Sword of Consumption overtook it. Saying "Yum!" and the suit was gone.

Now the sword bites shallower and draws a thinner stream of blood. What next diminishment awaits thee?

The Jellies were slain after near all were paralyzed. And Meneleus talks gibberish about floating stars round his head.

Dark moments are here. The Slavers await.

Session: Game Session #125 - Wednesday, May 17 2017 from 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM
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