new companionship: Nevitash
As we venture through the unknown of this place all i find myself thinking about is the pain of putting my eye in and how my dragon is doing. He was brought fully into the world without any schooling and now his master is nowhere to be found. I hope he will forgive me for this. I must find something great or foolish to do in here, there is much stench of githyanki in the air. By some force(not sure what or how)my whitefire mark mixed with my armor and the astral substence and imbued my armor with greater power then before. Making heat from open flame seem friveless.. Im changing in ways i never knew were possible, i am dark hearted by good natured. That is not me, I must regain control of myself. I feel with the power of Vecna that is not possible, but as a free willed mortal i will choose to believe i can change anything. Maybe i just need to kill some mudskins and take some time off for awhile. Adventurers are not needed everyday. Ok well this adventurer is not needed but maybe the rest are. I dont know how much they need me but i wish i could have some space and time alone. Thats it i will just leave for a short time. Hmmm where to go????
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