No Game for a While

Well, I got bad news. My colonoscopy found a big old tumor. I don't yet know quite how bad. I'm waiting for biopsy results.

Monday I have CT scans to see if I have any more tumors in other areas.

I will update you when I know more.

Wish I was in Canada right now.
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Get better Bill.
My thoughts are with you Bill, I wish you were in Canada too.
I'm looking at an operation soon to remove it, followed by some chemo. I'm stage 3, but hopeful.
Kim's was stage 4 when they found hers. At least you have a known treatment that works. Fight the good fight!!
To update Maeve's, I'm getting chemo right now. They haven't found that my cancer has spread. In a few months, I may be over this and strong enough to run again.