Testimony of Admittance
True Believers!

It wasn't long before we were approached in a dark alley by a nefarious sort. A shawled night urchin, more adept at assassination than befriending by the dour look of him. He called, 'I know of Kennus!"

Holy Sword of Consumption leapt to my hand and was at the poor sod's throat before he next swallowed. Cuthbert's chapeaux delved into his mind and found the truth. He words rang true, he was Eustace, a thieving scout working for the Lance Battalion. He was sent months prior to secure passes inside the gate. Which he produced.

He left first, lest he give away his disguise, and one by one, we entered the vile city of the slavers. Talltrees the Druid was accosted at once by a beggar, who himself claimed knowledge of the Lance Battalion and bayed us seek out the Ivory Paladin.

We wandered through the darkening town, the druid and Noss taking notice of building this and that. When we came upon the White Knight Inn. For a heavy sack of gold I secured us the information we sought - an entrance to the catacombs below us, an approach to the slavers we need to slay.

The thief proved useful a second time, picking a window lock to gain entry. Talltrees the Druid discovered the hidden trap door and down we went. Ten twenty thirty forty feet in the dark only Cuthbert's glow to light our way. The thief scouted at the glow's edge and upon entering a chamber, a voice halted us.

But parley we did not, and a vicious battle began - none knows how it shall end.

Session: Game Session #123 - Wednesday, May 03 2017 from 9:00 PM to 12:00 AM
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