Back to the Spirit Realm
Yes!! I manage to push myself, Mitsuke, and Kusac back through the portal and into the Spirit World! That should stop the two potential Avatars from fighting to the death! (One of whom is my brother and one of whom is my best friend!)

Oh, crap. Zenna follows us through . . . . still possessed/controlled by his Avatar spirit. I was hoping he would regain control if they were separated! I still don't know if he has a part of Rava(the good spirit who has empowered all previous Avatars) that has simply been corrupted by Vhatu(her evil counterpart) OR if his Avatar-like powers come directly from Vhatu without a trace of goodness in him. He certainly acts differently than when we were children, though a lot HAS happened to us in the past year!
Mitsuke and I try to convince him not to fight us and discuss what has happened, but he only sees her as his villainous counterpart who must be destroyed. He believes he has Rava in him and that Mitsuke has Vhatu in her. He doesn't see how backwards that is!

He puts a wall between us and by the time Kusac and I break through it, he's already stopped attacking Mitsuke and started trying to free the spirit trapped in the giant Tree, behind her. Oh, no!! He thinks it's Rava trapped in the Tree! But it must be Vhatu's remaining pieces in there!! That's where Korra trapped him, 100 years ago! If he frees the evil spirit, there will be 10,000 years of darkness!!
Instead of trying to defeat this evil Avatar (so much for my corrupted theory!), Kusac commands Mitsuke and myself to run deeper into the Spirit Realm. I suppose that if we get far enough away, the Avatar spirit will leave Zenna less powerful. Kusac believes that while he cannot defeat Zenna, he CAN keep him from breaking the prison of the Tree and releasing Vhatu into the world. We take him for his word and skedaddle. (Does anyone still say that?!)
It turns out that Mitsuke had borrowed the powers of Earth Bending from the Lion-Turtle that we had met. It was the only way to reopen the Northern Spirit Portal! But now, as promised, she needed to return those powers or anger one of the most powerful creatures on our world! We manage to find him pretty easily and return the powers she borrowed, thanking him profusely, of course. The next step wasn't so clear. Without our mentor (who at this point was likely no longer with us . . . . forever! {cry}), we were a bit confused. The Lion-Turtle suggests that Mitsuke needed to Master her fourth element, before Sozin's Comet smashed into the moon. But, how could she Master Earth Bending without a Master Trainer?! He points out that she HAS one, and my eyes grow wide!! Is the Lion-Turtle going to train her?! How awesome!! When I was trained in Earth Bending , I just had . . . . . . . . oh . . . . . . . . he means me. I guess, technically, I'm an Earth Master. I've never even considered training someone else how to do it, but I suppose that it's possible! Especially since she's just recently had a taste of how it feels from her time with the borrowed powers. . . . . A little bead a sweat appears at my brow as I consider how hard this is going to be! I hope we can do it in montage, because this is going to be SO boring for regular viewers!!

. . . .

We spend a month or so (does time in the Spirit Realm pass the sand as the . . . . "Real" World?!) in intense training. . . . . and Speculation. It's likely that Zenna is spending this same time learning his fourth element, as well. Assuming that they know about the deadline of Sozin's Comet approaching, that is. Well, it's pretty obvious that it's coming. We see it getting larger, even here in the Spirit World. We also realize that it's going to be cutting it close for us two getting to the 'rocket' launching site in time. Even if Singehn, Kohna, and Yoshike manage to get us a place on this 'ship', we will have to rush to find them before they launch it! The Lion-Turtle tells us of another way to get to the moon, and it's inside the palace of the Northern Water Tribe! Sweet!! He also tells us that Zenna has not only failed to free the remaining parts of the spirit of Vhatu, but he has left the area of the Northern Water folk! That means we are unlikely to encounter problems on our way to this secret garden of Yuae(the moon)! Especially if Mitsuke can restore the appearance of the heir to the throne! Now that she's mastered all four elements AND has a smattering of experience in dealing with Spirit matters, that shouldn't be a problem.
And, in fact, it isn't. We return to the northern portal, passing the Tree (being protected by Kusac! He's frozen the whole area, but he's trapped inside! Well, we'll just have to come rescue him, once Zenna is no longer determined to free the spirit of darkness!). The guards at the city take us straight to the king, queen, and heir, where we tell our story. We ask about the rocket and Bingchaun shows up! He's been sent to bring us to the ship before it launches, but we calculate that we can't make it in time. We ask about Plan B, and the monarchs grant us leave to use their sacred garden to transport us to the moon (!!!?!!) and Bingchaun uses his messenger falcon to send a message to the others (I had totally forgotten about that thing!!). He tells the other group that we'll meet them on the moon!
So, Mitsuke, Bingchaun, and I go to this sacred garden, hidden deep within the castle. It's lovely and has a pond with two beautiful fish swimming circles in it, reminding me of a YinYang symbol. Very interesting! Mitsuke begins meditating and trying to figure out how to get us to the moon. I feel a strange stirring in my pocket and discover it's coming from my White Lotus tile! It's like compass, pointing not only toward the Earth that we stand upon (very likely this will be our way home, as the monarchs hinted at!) but also pointing toward the moon! Between Mitsuke and myself, we discover a path between worlds and actually make it to the moon in time to see not only Sozin's Comet, seemingly on a collision course, but also a strange metal object hurtling towards us. That must be the 'rocketship'!! (What a strange combination of creatures, now that I've said it aloud!) I hope our friends are safely on that 'rocketship'!!
Just as I'm thinking that, it explodes!!! I knew that's what rockets were supppsed to do!! I thought Yoshike was supposed to STOP that part from happening!!
What now?!
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