Rumors Swirling at the Slumbering Drake
* Lady Chauntessa has been in a funk recently. She has been spending all her time in her private chambers with Ilrien of Justicia. She looks drawn and tired. When asked about it, she replies that her champions have fallen and she fears hope dims for all of Cillamar.

* Cookie, the Ogre bouncer, finding himself without proper guidance recently, has taken up a new game. Whenever anyone shows the slightest tendency to get out of line, Cookie sees how far he can hurl them into the street. Thirty-seven feet is the current record (a gnome), and Chauntessa's pseudo dragon Ixnay is cleaning up with the resident bookies.

* Patrons have reported even more odd goings on. Plates and cups moving on their own. Chairs shifting across the floor when no one was thought to be looking. Whispers of ghosts haunting the Inn have begun to spread.
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