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USS Shran: Far Trek
Using their as-yet-unname...
Using their as-yet-unnamed scout ship, the officers of the Shran's detachment looked around the system.

A rocket came looking for them, an old-style metal-hull chemical-propelled rocket. Its only payload was a sheet of metal, inscribed with a map of the star system. One mark indicated the mothership they had just captured, and another was about 1/3 of the way across the system. Tracks showed the entry path of the detachment's entry into the star system.

A swing by the point tracked back to its launch turned up nothing. A look at the place indicated on the map also showed nothing. Someone thought to re-check the map, and saw that a mathematical discrepancy had been inserted into the map. Adjusting for that brought them to another spot, and there they found a base hidden in an asteroid.

Living there were members of a race calling themselves "Mhemne". These were very human-looking, except for their entire-body covering of reddish-brown fur. Their negotiating style was blunt and unfriendly, but clear. They desired military aid, and offered information on the Sathar who had invaded their homeworlds.

A deal was struck, and with that information, the detachment ran another scouting trip, using the stealthy features of their scoutships. They confirmed that there were Sathar mining robots on the surface of the second world, an icy world with minimal life forms. There were Sathar and many Mhemne on its moon, living in artificial habitats. There were two shipyards in the L4 and L5 positions of the planet. One was building 4 destroyer-class ships, and the other had a pair of cruiser-sized ships under construction. Khgree, their Mhemne guide, said one of those larger ships was to carry single-seat fighter-shuttles.

When the Shran was reported to be ready for action, a plan for a quick surprise strike against the hostile shipyards was quickly assembled.
Session: Episode 6: exploring the system - Saturday, Mar 25 2017 from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM
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