The Pits
Sweat ran down Thump Thump's face. He looked out across the fighting pit and saw a pompous human decked out in armor that could pay for a missionary trip by itself. He looked down to his old and dented armor. It fit poorly, but he had taken it off of a dead body while he was working as a mercenary earlier that year. He grunted as he put on his new gorget. That was the way of the fighting pits. People wagered their lives and possessions for the entertainment of the crowds. Most fights were not to the death, just until the judges ruled the battle was over and the crowds were appeased.

It still rankled him that he had to wager his entire suit of armor for just a piece of his opponents, his greaves. Slowly but surely he'd take enough pieces off of young fools and he'd have a complete set.

Thump Thump put his visor down and said a silent prayer to Kord to not let him down this time. He sprinted to the middle of the ring and the battle was joined......
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