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Veterans of the Last War
Session Six - Six Kings and Greywall
As we last left the Ravens they were exploring six kings in search of second section of the Ashen Crown. The group encounters a bad of Deathgaunts performing some kind of ritual at a Moon pool. Their leader wears a gleaming gem around its neck. The Ravens fight a pitched battle against the undead and recover Zaarani's Solitaire, a piece of the Ashen Crown.

The adventurers reunite with their Kech Volar allies who have recovered Lurtan's Cord another piece of the crown. Each group now has 2 pieces of the crown. The Ravens have the Solitaire and the Blade, while the Kech Volar have the Cord and the Circlet. Yeraa, the Kech Volar leaders says the final piece is in a tomb beneath the city of Greywall.

Undead goblins and hobgoblins attack Yeraa and the party. They are the Bladebearer goblins that the Ravens dispatched before entering Six Kings. Someone has brought them back as undead servants. After putting the undead to rest the group races to catch up with the rest of the Kech Volar. They have just repelled a similar attack. Both groups board a rickety looking airship called Kordanga, for the journey to Greywall.

In Greywall, Yeera informs the Ravens that the Orb is buried in an ancient Tomb beneath the main city market. The group must set up a stall in the market and cover the Kech Volar while they excavate and enter the tomb. While sucessfully covering up the excavation, the Ravens are attacked by what appears to be the Necromancer Demise and her undead minions. During the battle a filching wraith makes off with Zaarani's Solitaire. The undead are dispatched but Demise turns out to be a doppleganger.

The Kech Volar emerge from the tomb, unfortunatley they have also been slain and turned into undead. After dispatching their former allies the Ravens are contacted by the Doppleganger agent Tilkulti, who is really working for Demise. Tilkulti speaks to them through the sending stone that Yeraa gave them:

"The endgame approaches, and you still have something I need. I'll take what I have to my comrades in Sharn. I think you've met my lady friend and her Karrnathi pawns? Anyway, play along and chase me if you have the guts. It should be interesting, at least, since I'll be able to talk to Kalaes first. I wonder which of us he'll believe in the end? I suppose you'll have to find me and force me to confess. That should be fun. Of course, you could just hand over the Blade. We'll contact you when you get to Sharn."

The Ravens have only one piece of the crown, the Blade, and little choice what to do next. They board the Kordanga and head for Sharn.

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