Hangover Recap Part 1
Gerrol woke up and his mouth tasted like ash and…. Was he spooning Zevron? He shook his head clear and he noticed that everyone else in the group appeared to be groggy and waking up. Gerrol starting putting himself back together and noticed that everyone else appeared to be just as bedraggled as he was and his head was pounding. Just as he was noticing that this was not the building he started the night in, Flint said he smelled smoke and they rushed outside to see a burned out shack and another one on fire with a… boat on top? Gerrol quickly issued orders and they set up a fire brigade line of what had to be the most pathetic group of people he’d ever seen.
After the fire was put out they began talking and no one seemed to remember much of what happened after they started the night. They examined the boat and Gerrol noticed… was that one of his socks? Sure enough…. He pulled off his boot and put the sock on. They realized that Gal was missing and oh yeah… where did Zevron get that baby from? They found a plate with a familiar inn on it so they got into the carriage and headed that way.
To Gerrol’s surprise they were greeted almost as heroes and astonishment when they came back. Gerrol quickly ordered some heavy food to try to offset the hangover that was bulging between his temples. One of the serving girls came over and said… “Jade was worried about her little one, but it is a good thing she was just with her father.” Gerrol stopped with his fork halfway to his mouth and noticed on his good hand there was a wedding band. “Oh, and you left this before you took Jade to the backroom…” she handed him a sheathe for his dagger. Gerrol’s mind raced… he really only had two things he couldn’t do on his bachelor night… get married and lose his nephew in law…. Gerrol sighed and plowed through his food gathering information about what had happened and got information about where he got married.
On his way to the temple, they heard a banging sound from the carriage, they pulled over quietly and they were discussing on what to do when Gerrol just walked over and opened the compartment. A naked guy jumped out and started demanding that he owed him 900 plat. Gerrol just wanted him to go away and tried to negotiate with the guy to a reasonable price, but he ended up running down the street naked. Gerrol went to shut the compartment and realized he had a loincloth in his belt… What a strange night.
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