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USS Shran: Far Trek
Having defeated a pirate ...
Having defeated a pirate ship in the area, Shran took up a patrol around the nearby systems, hoping to catch some sign of a hidden base. Captain Wade then took the ship to follow the next shipment of vaccine to Kantares IV, where the Subjenix Flu continued to spread.

Nothing untoward happened on the way, but the Kantares system traffic-control station was overwhelmed, both from ships trying to get in without quarantine restrictions, and from illness among the station personnel. Shran took up assistance, trying to screen incoming freight traffic. Four ships were inbound, and all were directed to a holding area near one of the moons, despite their captains' verbal protests.

During inspections, one was found to have untaxed Saurian brandy aboard, one needed safety inspections completed. The 3rd powered up hidden weapons and shields rather than undergo inspection, and tried to seize the 4th freighter while the Shran's crew was occupied!

After a brief fight among the Shran's marines and the apparent pirates, the ship ran for it, warming up their warp engines. A short-range firefight ensued, and the Shran took serious damage to her sensors and communications, while the other ship took heavier damage. She blew herself up, rather than be captured, though that explosion added minimal other damage to the battered Shran.

With such heavy damage, and one fatality, the ship had to send a shuttle back to Kantares station, to have them call StarBase 13 for a tow and repair ship.

While her repairs would take some time, volunteers were requested from her crew. Commander Ripley was the first to step up. The mission would be a secret one, an attempt to use the Kzinti-built stealthy ship that they had captured earlier this month. Enough had been recovered from her computers, that a move could be made on whatever bases the pirate network might have in this region of space.
Session: Episode 3: shootout at Kantares - Saturday, Nov 19 2016 from 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM
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