Granite Moon
The wind was whipping through Gerrol's hair as they rode through the town. Flint and Gal were spooning in the backseat... OK so they weren't spooning, but they were both completely gone and were like giggling girls, espeically if anyone mentioned 'pack.'

Zevron and Aldrick the Reasonable were availing themselves with the women that had come with us. Apparently having unlimited funds is EXTREMELY attractive. Jade's hand was resting lightly on his thigh (hey, he could be more attractive too right?).

They had worn out their welcome in the district and decided to go for a ride, only now he didn't know what to do. Suddenly Gal stated that he had to throw up, and he had to do it now. Gerrol pulled over in time. They looked at where they stopped and they were really close to the mage tower. It was fenced off, but they got over it quickly. They didn't have a plan, but they tried to be sneaky (hahahahahaha).

Gal got to the base of the tower and decided he had to climb it. Flint gave him a boost and the whole party started cheering for him. Gal got to the top and shouted I CAN SEE MY HOUSE FROM HERE!!! Which everyone thought was funny, since you could see the palace from anywhere in the city.

We shouted for him to come down and Gal laughed and started mooning us and told us to come get him. Gerrol tried to climb, but his hand wasn't really up to it and Zevron appeared to have retreated back to the carriage with two of the ladies in the entourage......

Finally Aldrick started climbing and he got halfway up when the doors shattered open from the mage tower. Apparently it took a while to wake them. Aldrick was startled and fell to the ground. We grabbed him and started pulling him away. Gal didn't realize what had happened so he turned, puked from the top of the tower and began waving his ass in the air. We got to the perimeter when we saw Gal turn to stone.

Gerrol muttered.. Shit.... They got Aldrick into the cart and headed to the apothocary. Jade nuzzled his neck as he was driving and said.... "Have you decided?" Her hands moved lower... "I know a guy...."

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