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USS Shran: Far Trek
Once the ship returned to...
Once the ship returned to StarBase Fourteen, several new officers reported aboard the USS Shran, to replace those sacked after "The Event". Captain Jane Wade read her orders and took command. The new chief engineering (Lt. Cmdr. Pollit) and sensor (Lt. Thrax) officers reported aboard, as well.

After a brief tour and some settling in, Shran departed on her interrupted patrols. Commodore _____'s operations staff immediately sent them orders to Nyote-kundu, a system-wide mining operation where something had been discovered at one of the platforms.

On the way there, however, the ship received a distress call from the Melanie Carson, a fast freighter under StarFleet charter. She was en route to the Kantares system, and being pursued by a fast, unidentified, ship. Shran altered course to intercept, and a battle began.

Dropping out of warp at extreme weapons range, Shran began scanning the unknown, finding that it had some kind of protection against scanning or weapons fire. It, meanwhile, began shooting at the Carson, while launching missiles at the Shran. Quickly, the Shran closed the range and fired two volleys that wrecked the unknown vessel. It tried boarding the Carson by transporter, but Shran's Marines quickly subdued them.

In the aftermath, the Carson's sensors had been wrecked, and part of her cargo of vaccine for the Subjenix flu had been destroyed, as well as any vaccine-replicating equipment she had carried. She needed Shran's help to finish the voyage, another 8-hour detour. Engineer Pollit attempted to quickly repair her navigation sensors, but they proved to be too damaged, and Shranhad to bring her all the way in. The still-unidentified raiding ship (a small, fast, stealthy craft, crew of 21) was left under guard with the Kantares system patrol forces, while any prisoners (Kzinti without uniforms) were held aboard the Shran.

Returning to her mission to Nyote-kundu, Captain Wade was quickly briefed over subspace. The tantalum mines on Inferno (Nyote-kundu I, licensed to the Aberdeen Mining Exploration Company) needed water, which was provided by an orbital platform in the ice rings of the super-gas giant Nyote-kundu VI. The platform Carnegie had reported first, "something interesting" found in the rings, then several communications failures, then a garbled distress call. System Director Drake was displeased that Shran had taken so long to get here.

It took only minutes for the Shran to approach the Carnegie, which was already out of position. Several maintenance 'bots were seen crawling about its outer hull, at work on something. Many of the crew members were located inside, and quickly beamed out, as the last message had described the life support systems as failing. The station's engineer was delirious, and had to be restrained by Security Chief Shad.

Hurriedly, the crew was questioned, and it turned out that Engineer Berghoffer had been driven somewhat insane shortly after an alien pod had been brought aboard. He wanted to modify the station into a sublight vessel, capable of taking it to relativistic speeds, aimed for somewhere near the core of the galaxy. Further questioning brought out that some other crewmembers reported dreams of being on an alien ship, which seems to have been how Berghoffer was affected, although he was most affected.

The alien artifacts brought aboard were determined (mostly by station doctor Krueger) to have been a survival pod and body of an unknown alien, nicknamed the Medusa, and an odd plant form. The plant was examined and determined to be a sort of telepathic notebook, which the dying alien captain had left to tell his people of the tantalum deposits on Inferno, and of his ship's destruction by "the Enemy" in the system.

The alien elements were taken to StarBase Fourteen, along with Dr. Krueger and engineer Berghoffer. The former wanted very badly to follow up "his" discovery, seeking a research grant. His wife would return to the station, for now, to get it into working order again. Berghoffer was in need of psychiatric assistance. Starfleet would hold on to the alien artifacts, in a place away from minds easily influenced by its psychic power.

{One Year Later} Dr.Krueger's paper on the "Medusae" unveiled what could be revealed about the alien. He was once the captain of an exploring vessel for his species of telepaths. His ship was destroyed by "the Enemy", shortly after discovering the tantalum on Inferno. As yet, no one knows what happened to "the Race" or "the Enemy" or their war, thousands of years ago.
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