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USS Shran: Far Trek
Words are not deeds
USS Shran (NCC-519) sat at Border Station 43, awaiting her new commanding officer. The engineering and sensor chief officers had been taken to StarBase Fourteen for questioning when a priority call came. Something was crossing the Kzinti frontier, while message traffic on the Kzinti side was up 300%. Shran, though short-handed, was ordered to investigate as the closest ship to the disturbance. Two cruisers were on the way.

There was some difficulty getting a good course, and then more when the warp drive started to overheat. Getting closer to the object, sensors were able to make out its size and mass as roughly the same as the ship. It was moving at Warp 2, on a course that would take it directly to the Gamma Evangeline system, specifically its 3rd planet, which held a colony of nearly 9000 souls. A closer approach determined that it had a crystalline structure, some of its petals had some disruptor damage, and it was generating its own energy. Approaching more closely, it sent a small wave that seemed to be a communication wave, followed by a blast that could have ripped through the Shran's shields!

As the ship withdrew, the Universal Translator thought that the first beam may have been a warning? Some fast work by Sir'ok set up a hailing frequency, and communications were begun. The alien, or aliens, since the message spoke as "we". It was distrustful, having been fired on by the Kzinti.

Researching the records of the ship that first surveyed Gamma Evangeline III (USS Soleta), LCdr Sumner found that there were thousands of craters around the world, and that traces of chemicals and crystals on those craters were similar to those on the object. First Officer Ripley ordered the ship to race ahead to the colony, to see what could be learned there.

The colony administration staff was understandably upset that their world might be visited by something alien. Geologist Quentin Stone had examined several of the craters. He also expounded on his other discovery, that the planet had experienced many mass extinctions in its past. The size and shape of the craters also matched a protrusion on the object's surface. The connection might be that the object slammed into the planet at regular intervals of roughly 500 years.

Shran warped back to the alien, and tried to re-open communications. As they approached, they spotted a Kzinti ship approaching at high warp speed from the direction of the border. Ripley ordered the Shran to get between the alien and the Kzinti. Both ships closed to short range, and the Kzinti's first shot hit the Shran instead, damaging the communications array. The alien's first burst did not miss, blasting the Kzinti ship's sensors to scrap. As the alien pursued the fleeing Kzinti, it fried the shield generators with another blast. Sir'ok overcame the damage to the subspace radio, and Ripley called to the alien. He overcame its desire to finish off the frigate.

The next communications took a while longer, but they convinced the alien, calling itself "Nali", to take itself to the fourth planet instead to lay its eggs. It promised to talk further with the incoming starships, whose staff were more experienced that the Shran's pickup team.

There was a brief bit of interference when Dr. Adam Sandhurst appeared, flying the colony's lone shuttle. It was charged as a suicide bomb and flying directly at the Nali. Swift action with the tractor and transporter beams brought him on board for a strong reprimand. After returning him and the shuttle to the colony, Shran set up for observation of the Nali's reproduction on the fourth planet.
Session: Episode 1: Words are not deeds - Saturday, Aug 27 2016 from 11:00 AM to 2:00 PM
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