A Brief History of Atlantis (as cribbed from Achilles's old school notes): Part One
-The Before Time: On Earth, Atlantis was but one Greek city-state among others. We lived much as the surface dwellers, despite our budding mutations. Our magic was in its infancy, and the magical creatures- the sirens, the minotaurs, and the fauns- were already fading away.

-The Rapture: For reasons yet unknown, Atlantis was stolen away from this dimension and deposited in another, what we call Gaia (and the Romans call Terra, and the Norse call Jörð, and so on). We were beset by hordes of mythic beasts, in numbers and power unlike any we've encountered. But as always, Atlantis prevailed, and we established ourselves in the islands about and the sea depths below.

-The Early Days: As we explored, we discovered that Gaia was full of other humans, all taken from Earth, though we had only heard of a few, like Babylon. Most strangely, they were of multiple time periods- many, like Rome, would come to bloom after the Greek powers had faded in Earth history. We quarreled, and traded, and slowly expanded our knowledge. We learned how to harness the sorcerous tides that flooded Gaia, and built ships that could sail through a hurricane. House Axiotomos, the royal house, was unable to fully control the Atlanteans, and the outer provinces were overrun with petty feuds.

House Aegis was formally established in those whirlwind days. Our founder Aesera the Philosopher-Witch was exiled from Atlantis proper, no doubt due to stupid jerks jealousy of her martial prowess and potent magic. King Axiotomos, feared to kill her outright and commanded her to take stewardship of the deadly northern coasts, which were infested with monstrous creatures and coveted by the belligerent Swedish vikings and the Americans seeking a path to the sea. There, House Aegis was born, half-Atlantean and half-barbarian, a shield against the unsettled continent, as the rest of Atlantis grew proud and rich and strong in the islands and seas.

-The Roman Wars: Alas, despite all our advances, we were still a minor power. The Romans and their miserable god-king Caesar had long envied our burgeoning trade empire, and after their bloody victory over the Mayans they turned their swords and spells on us. We had foolishly assumed that only a sea power like Carthage or a merchant fleet like Venice could threaten us, and never imagined that the land-bound Romans would build such a vast and terrible fleet. The war was short but bloody; for every ship sunk the Romans built three, and Atlantis- still divided- could not match the endless legion.

It was a long and bitter captivity. Our cargo ships were crewed by prisoners of war, not free men. Our libraries and magical archives were pillaged by greedy Roman mages. The Romans had lost many ships to our underwater saboteurs, and began slaying those most adapted to the waters, in order to stamp out that threat. Those that could, fled. But in those days, all of our foundries and manufactories were on land, and the rebels were forced to scavenge for materials. Scattered and unarmed, it looked like the Roman legions could crush us at their leisure.
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