First Adventure
Well, my new friends and I were gettin' kinda hungry, so we stopped in at a nearby port for supplies! It's got some kind of fancy school for doctors or healers or something, but there must be some people selling food, too. It was pretty close to where the bandits had tried to capture us, but far enough away that we weren't scared.
While Kohna (the pirate captain!) was haggling for docking fees (we're also short on Yuon!), we learned that the ship that was docked next to us (a Fire Nation ship!) was here to do some mining for iron. They found a big vein, near the school.
Suddenly, there was a HUGE bad-BOOM at the edge of the city! The mine must have collapsed! We all ran over to see what went wrong! Two people were still trapped inside! Oh, no!
I used my Tremor Sense to ascertain what was going on. The two miners were still alive, but not for long! One was an Earthbender and the other was unconscious. There was also some traces of an unusual material spattered throughout the walls.... Hhhhmmmm....
I started moving into the mine to try to rescue the men. Kohna and Mitsuko came along with me. Kohna was using his Waterbending to make towers of ice to help support the roof, while Mitsuko used her Firebending to soften up the loose dirt, I guess.
Suddenly, there was another explosion, but not as big as the first one! Kohna was battered by flying debris, but the rest of us got through unhurt. Mitsuko and I continued onward and I think I figured out what had happened! Those pockets of "strange earth" I had detected early were actually FireWorks! I recognized the smell! Someone must have shoved a bunch of FireWorks into pockets in the wall and set them off to create enough explosion to cause the mine to collapse, partially! Why would they DO that?
Well, we finally got to the men and managed to get them safely outside. They were injured, but not too badly. They'd probably be back to work in the morning!
The headmaster of the school was so grateful that he invited us to dinner at his school cafeteria and we GLADLY (hungrily!) accepted! It was during dinner that the man in charge of the mining asked if I'd be interested in helping them mine the iron ore! He'd be willing to pay! We COULD use the cash, I thought! What would the others do during the weeks to month that this might take? I'd have to talk to them about it. I told him I'd think about it.
Kohna found that the headmaster had some herbs that he wanted delivered to Republic City and thought it might be a good use of his ship. Mitsuko thought she might deliver letters from the students and miners while travelling with Kohna there. It looks like this might work out! I told him I accept!
Back at the ship, I told the others that I think that the mine was deliberately sabotaged! Singehn said he thinks he knows who did it. A woman who was telling the miners NOT to dig because it would displease the spirits of the mountain! It's possible she arranged for the FireWorks to be implanted to cause a cave-in! An excellent suspect!
I went to bed early 'cuz I knew they'd expect me bright & early at the mine. When I got there, the other miners were standing around in indecision! It's like they were too frightened to go in! The leaders were all ready to go, but they had no backup!
As usual, I just walked right in and started doing stuff! I didn't really feel that I needed any helpers. Besides, today will mostly been clean-up of the mine that was already created. Making sure the walls and ceiling were strong enough to stop another "accidental" cave-in. (I was also making sure there weren't any MORE pockets of FireWorks that might go off, but I didn't let the leader know that!)
Eventually, the other miners came in. Bingchuan must have convinced them to go back to work. I could have told them that it wasn't the spirits that were upset, but knowing that a person is working against them MIGHT have been worse than thinking it was spirits! {Grin} I spent all day just getting the partially collapsed mine back in shape for more mining. {ugh} This is HARD work, even though I'm really, really good at it!!
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