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Caves and Cities
Problems around the cemetery
The first day of Sehnir (late October), and the heat wave that may have triggered the fires has ended. The air is only warm by day, and the smell of ash is still prevalent in Brynnor.

For now, we focus our view on Eidrik and Sir Gavin, now rejoined by Sir Deloran, who has returned from his knighting ceremony by the Militant Order in Tuornen. Sir Gavin has been asked by the overworked Lord Broden and his assistants to keep secure the house of the late wizard Finagill. No one knows who his heirs might be, and such a collection of magical things should be kept safe from unscrupulous hands.

{Perhaps this is where Raven and Maggie might like to lay low for a few days.}

Meanwhile, the cost of food in the city is rising as it becomes scarce. The harvest from the countryside has yet to arrive, and most of the food stored in the town has been destroyed in the fire. The grumbling among the people includes the tale that more fires are being started, by evil sidhe agents. Others say that the fires are punishment from one or the other of the gods, for impiety among the people-- a judgement by Haelyn on his knights is the usual statement.

With this environment, the knights and warriors settled into their post, sending out for food once a day. The militia has street patrols out; for this neighborhood, the day patrol is led by Morwe Ringhill, whom Sir Gavin and Eidrik had rescued from a 4th-story apartment. She had grown up here, enlisted as a soldier, and only moved back home to start a family. Now she's a Guardian again.

This night, they here a noise of scuffling and scratching out in the street; a quick investigation reveals a mass of rats moving their way, and they lock the doors to keep them out. In the morning, they are told about several people and animals killed in the night, perhaps by the rats, but possibly by undead walking!

As knights, they feel called to check this out, and find that two bodies (man and dog) are lain in an alley, with a (poorly-spelled) message chalked on the wall nearby. It said it was the "rath" of "Reynard the Betrayed", the name of the town's founder, a hero of the wars against hobgoblins long ago, killed by one of his allies. Eidrik does a spectacular job of finding and following tracks from the two bodies (both killed by the rats, but much of the blood around the scene was instead red dye) to the old cemetery. Morwe's militia patrol had been at the death site, and followed them for a while. When they reached the cemetery, most of the Guardians refused to go into that "haunted" place, only Morwe accompanied them.

Sir Reynard's tomb is easily located, and evidently has been opened. Someone had been sleeping in the doorway, but left their things behind. Beyond the doorway were 8 angry armed skeletons, which were quickly put down by the fighters. In another chamber lay the recent corpse of a woman, someone with chalk and red dye in her possession. The next chamber showed doors that had been forced off their hinges. That was the resting place of Sir Reynard Hasken, and he was no longer resting! He declared that he had been awakened by the blasting of his reputation by a low churl. Now that he was awake again, he would return to his life's vow, conscripting the people of the village to take the war to the hobgoblin invasion! All of the people, whether or not they could carry arms, would be his army of vengeance!

A long battle ensued, with his undead power matched to their swords. Sir Gavin's newly-enchanted blade did the most work here, assisted by the others. After the defeat of the general, they carefully returned his body to its resting place, against the need of an invasion someday.

While all of this was going on, the other Guardians were supposed to be at the entrance to the burial ground, but when the group returned, no one was there. Morwe was furious, and set out to question anyone she could find. One of the errant guardians, Thaddeus Nord, was seen walking towards them, carrying a sack on his shoulder and eating ravenously-- had he been looting houses?

He dumped out the sack, saying he'd found some really neat stuff in a ruin. Out poured 4 rats, but their bodies were covered in slime, and there were yellowing flowers growing out of their bodies. The rats began to attack the investigators, and the flowers burst open in a puff of pollen, seemingly aimed at people. These fell beasts were hacked down, but Thaddeus sipped at a potion and disappeared.

The house he'd indicated, down the block, was shut up tight. Morwe said that it had belonged to a single man that used to sleep all day, his neighborhood nickname was "Cat". He'd left town a year or so ago, never come back, but no one had claimed his house. The doors were locked tight, so the front door was kicked in.

All of the floors were covered in dust, and many had vines growing through the floors or walls. In the kitchen, Thaddeus lurked under a trapdoor to the root cellar, but his ambush was foiled and he was killed. The small courtyard seemed empty, except for more of the vines. The root cellar had, well, roots in it, a massive set of them. Upstairs, Thaddeus' two hidden companions tried to grab and throw Sir Gavin from a balcony to the courtyard below. Instead, one was killed by the sword and the other was hurled down. Gavin leapt after him, falling on his face. Deloran, not to be outdone, also hurled his armored self over the railing into the midden pile below. Morwe rolled her eyes at the boys, and ran inside to go down the stairs instead.

All three of the Guardians were slightly green in color, much like the rats earlier, but not as slimy. down in the courtyard, three dogs emerged, and these were as slimy as the rats. Another desperate fight ensued, ending with the triumph of the still-humans and the eventual destruction of the massive plant that was the center of all of the vines and pollen-bursting flowers that ran throughout the house.For now, no one wanted to stay in the house any longer, so the door was locked again, and reports were made to captain Kratys of the Guardians. They suggested that the house be burned down, just in case they didn't kill all of the slimy plant creature.
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