Riala's Journal #32
The Journal of Riala Rindalore
Dawn and Dusk: The 9th of Frostfall, 4E 206

Spoken eloquently by Talan in his reading at the celebration in Sentinel, these words continue to inspire and center me in the greater cause of our actions as we emerge from the first real battle of this war:

“Be as dawn to your ally and dusk to your foe.”

Truly, we are both. The gathering of allies, artifacts, and knowledge have finally led us to this place, once thought of as a goal, but now understood as merely the beginning of a much larger task, that of all out war. We enter this new phase of our mission with recently gathered allies here, finally, in the place known as Battle Spire.

Upon our entry into this realm we were met by an army of men and women in dark robes with blue crescent symbols, the Shadow Legion, the legend becoming real before our eyes. Identifying ourselves as friend, we were recognized as such by Velsa Andrano the High Battle Mage. Once hearing the declaration that “The Shadow Legion stands ready to defend the White Gold Tower and all it surveys,” I stood forth to declare our mission and need of their assistance.

Nine hundred years had passed for those that were trapped in this realm during the Oblivion Crisis, two hundred by the measure of time in Skyrim, and some time was needed to meet and exchange information and learn from each other the events that had transpired during the separation of peoples. We were quickly tasked with a rescue mission that could save some of their folk being held hostage in an area of their realm known as the Greenlands, held by an Altmir called Muredok who ruled over them. Should we succeed, this mission would help the families to be reunited and would serve to gain their trust as allies in the war against the Dominion. Our acceptance of this mission gained us a fortuitous but complicated revelation as well.

Our guide to the Greenlands was to be a man by the name of Adamis Septim! Known for some time in Tamriel to be broken, the line of Septims stood before us alive and well, having been trapped here unknown to anyone on the outside…and raising questions in our minds about who the legitimate emperor really is! We quickly decided that our task was not to answer that question here and now, but to continue with our predetermined aims and leave that to sort itself out at a later date. Adamis Septim was an invaluable ally to be sure, and key to a successful rescue.

In the end we traveled through the Greenlands to do battle once more, at a fortress upon a cliff, against Thalmor and “winged twilight” guards. The success of our rescue gained us 200 blue crystals, soul shards of those born in the Greenlands as well as relatives of some of the folk back at Battle Spire. Carefully storing the precious shards we now make our way back to the Shadow Legion with blessed news.Divines be praised!
Riala Rindalore
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